Ride together any distance and any incline. Let the ebike power you around while you get to enjoy the fun of being on a bike in the open air and 360 days of sunshine.

We love the Pedal Assist options. Get in some cardio…if you want to. 


Individuality – freedom from traffic, shared rides and golf carts. 

Go when and where you want to go always knowing you’ll never run out of energy.


Join any one of our curated Tours for our guest experience.

Parks, national monuments and even best places to catch sunsets, best seafood and some of the best happy hours in town.

Full restaurant tours available

Go alone

Go alone or with family and friends, and check out our selected bike-friendly routes. Let us know and we can set you up at the beach or parks. A curated picnic for you, your family and your friends. We want you to have as much fun as possible and leave the work to us. 

It’s your Vacation

How it works

Choose your E-bike

Choose from our range of incredible eco-friendly e-bikes

Free Delivery

Let us know where you are and our professional team will deliver our eco-friendly sanitized E-Bikes.

The Know How

Our team will train you about all the functions of the E-Bike. Ride Safe and have fun.

Roadside Assistance

Our team are always around to help you whenever needed. We're just a call away

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

E-bikes are revolutionizing the ease of mobility for all vacationers. Clean energy. Quick point to point travel or a cruise. We meticulously cleanse each bike using the technology of ozonation. (non chemical

Affordable rates

Gas no more cost, clean energy. UBERs and UBER surcharges no more. No more expensive parking or fines and most of all no more heavy Traffic, just cruise to your destination.

certified & experienced

Each of the selected E-Bikes have been put through rigorous testing and passed all our own personal road trials. Our team are dedicated young enthusiast about clean energy and the future. We support the equal opportunities act

customer satisfaction

So far so good and vacationers keep coming back for more